Supreme Court rules against Abercrombie in hijab case

-Happy Muslims in front of US Supreme Court. Justices “know not what they do…”

This decision may look innocuous but it is huge. Allowing a religion the latitude to practice their beliefs sounds pretty American. And it is reasonable …except in regard to Islam. About this fact, the Justices are woefully ignorant. The big victory for Islamists will manifest as Muslims demand any number of special considerations as they assume their superior status among the people of the earth (“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant” –Omar Ahmad Council on American-Islamic Relations co-founder). The goal of the powerful Muslim Brotherhood is to peacefully infiltrate and subvert all democratic institutions and replace them with the Rule of Allah; this is largely accomplished with the help of those whose job it is to protect those institutions. Sounds incredible but, by God, they know what they are doing!

This is popularly known as Stealth Jihad.

The methodology to note here is that Islam not only has an injunction that women cover themselves; but that injunction also extends to the behavior of non-Muslims, in this case Abercrombie. The payoff for Islam is that Sharia (the vast compendium of Islamic Law) masquerading as “religious liberty” has trumped Abercrombie’s right to manage their business as they wish. Of course all businesses bear up under any number of regulations; but then again, Islam is not your ordinary regulator. Sharia is now a not-so-silent partner, of Abercrombie and every other business in the United States, and believe me they will “work” it to the hilt!

The big picture here is that over the Millennia, Islam has become adept at waiting until a civilization is in decline having lost its moral heading. The Jihadist finds the opportunity to move in and conquer by stealth and then by sword. The Byzantine and Persian Empires were early victims. Sadly, Islam is a relentless cancer engineered by clever men.
As with Brandies University and the cancelled speaking engagement Ayaan Hirsi-Ali, it will come down to “core-principles”; in this case “Political Correctness” which holds that it is a greater evil to criticize Islam than submit to its tyranny. Lacking an honest study of Islam they fail to see down the road (or maybe they are just too damned scared to do anything about it!)


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