It true! Islam endorses Satire and Mockery!

…but against you! Against the Prophet and you still get your head blown-off!

These passages are taken from the Hadith (quotes and stories about Mohammed that carry the same weight as the Koran)

  • “Mohammed said to Hassan, “Insult them (the Unbelievers) with your poetry and Gabriel will Protect you” (In the Quran, Mohammed “channeled” the angel Gabriel)
    – Bukhari (5,59,449)
  • “Hassan, satirize and mock the Unbeliever; Gabriel is by your side.”
    Muslim (031,6074)

Hmmm. Sounds a little lop-sided but I think I got it. A Muslim can offend me as much as he likes. But if I offend him, I’m dead. OK …got it!

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